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Commercial split equipments

Split commercial refrigeration equipments (ESC) and Split commercial refrigeration equipments, with centrifugal fan (ESF), for cold rooms, which have a small volume, and for use in medium and low temperatures.

Easy to install.

With our ESC/ESF commercial split equipments configurator, you can choose:

1. The working temperature:

  • Cooling (up to 0ºC)
  • Freezing (up to -20ºC)

2. The equipment type:

  • Standard
  • Centrifugal

3. Select the model:

  • Drop-down list, with options per m3
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ESC - Split commercial refrigeration equipment for cold storage rooms, which have a small volume, and for use in medium and low temperatures.

ESF - Split commercial refrigeration equipment for cold storage rooms which have a small volume, centrifugal fan, for use in medium and low temperatures.

Hermitic refrigeration compressors are used with R449-A refrigerant for refrigeration and R-452-A for freezing. Outside the European Union R-404A refrigerant may be used.


  • Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • High performance.
  • Versatile assembling.
  • Equipment with reduced refrigerant charge, less than 10 kg.
  • Centrifugal fan to extract hot air from condensing (must install the conduit line for hot air). (ESF units).

ESC/ESF Characteristics:

  • Pre-charged with refrigerant (Max. length 10m).
  • Hermetic compressor.
  • Service valves.
  • Safety valve. (Series 400-500). (ESC units).
  • Liquid receiver.
  • Ceramic filter dryer.
  • Sight glass in the condensing unit.
  • High and low pressure control.
  • Condensation control by pressure switch.
  • Probe alert “dirty condenser”.
  • Centrifuge fan in the condenser (Max. length 10m, min. diameter 250mm Series 100 and 315mm Series 200-300). (ESF units).
  • Thermostatic expansion valve in the evaporator.
  • Solenoid valve in the evaporator.
  • Automatic defrosting by heating element.
  • Draintipe heating element in low Tª (2 m).
  • Cubic evaporator with nitrogen (Series 400-500). (ESC units).
  • Cable for supply (3 m).
  • Electrical interconnection (2) evaporator (10 m).
  • Voltage protector.
  • Ceiling type evaporator with nitrogen.
  • Indoor use. (ESF units).
  • Remote multifunctional electronic control (5 m).
  • Cable for light (3 m).

Options (ask for delivery):

  • Winter Kit.
  • Voltage 230/1/50 (Series 200-300).
  • Remote control XWEB.

For more information on equipment and materials consult KIDE.

Contact us for any questions or queries about Split commercial refrigeration equipments, non-binding, by telephone +34 698 163 978, via WhatsApp, or by e-mail info@tucamaraonline.com

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Technical data ESC-ESF

Technical details of ESC-ESF equipments (PDF)

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