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Cold room configurator with 60 mm panel:

Select the external measurements:

Cold room's floor:

The height of no-floor cold room will decrease by 6 cm

Door type:
Hinged door:
Sliding door:
Opening direction of the door:
Door lock:
Strip curtain swing:
Refrigeration unit:
Panel thickness:
Accessories for the cold room:

Cold room 60 mm

Cold room configurator, with 60 mm panel. Remember that you can select your custom modular shelvings.

You can choose:

1. The external measurements of the universal cold room, in sections of 20 cm.

  • Width from 1.32 m to 4.12 m.
  • Height from 2.12 m to 3.12 m.
  • Long from 1.32 m to 5.72 m.

2. Type of the cold room's floor (no floor, or different types).

3. Type of the cold room's door (hinged or sliding).

4. Measures of the cold room's door:

  • Several widths, 1900 mm height
  • Several widths, 2000 mm height

5. Door opening direction (left or right).

6. Door lock (with or without).

7. Possibility of including strip curtain swing.

8. Choice of the refrigeration unit (from a drop-down list).

9. Cold room accesories (optional).

Prices without VAT.

Tax excluded

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Cold room with 60 mm panels (up to 0º C).

Installation of the cold room:

For more information on equipment and materials consult KIDE.

Contact us for any questions or queries about the cold room, non-binding, by telephone +34 698 163 978, via WhatsApp, or by e-mail info@tucamaraonline.com

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Info Transporte e instalación

Transporte e instalación de Cámara modular universal (en español) (PDF)

Download (314.19k)

Info Transporte e montagem

Transporte e montagem da Câmara modular universal (em português) (PDF)

Download (314.07k)

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